The FCC Media Bureau’s designated May 29, 2015 “Pre-Auction Licensing Deadline” is rapidly approaching.  Full power and Class A facilities must be licensed by this deadline in order to be eligible for protection in the repacking process that will be part of the television incentive auction. For these purposes, facilities subject to a pending application for a license to cover the pertinent construction permit will be deemed to be “licensed.”

While Class A licensees may wait until the September 1, 2015 low power digital transition deadline to complete construction and license their digital facilities, those that do not have their digital facilities licensed by May 29, 2015 will be afforded protection in the repacking process based only on the coverage area and population served by their analog facilities.  (Class A stations that may be unable to complete construction of their digital facilities by September 1 must seek an extension of the digital construction deadline by tomorrow, Friday, May 1.)