In a recent Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (FNPRM), the FCC announced that it is seeking comment on proposals that would require video programmers to file contact information and closed captioning certifications with the FCC.  Specific topics on which the FCC is seeking comment include the following:

  • Whether video programmers should be required to file contact information for the resolution of closed captioning complaints with the FCC.  The FNPRM also seeks comment on whether programmers should be required to place such contact information on their websites.
  • Whether the FCC should alter its requirements regarding closed captioning quality certifications by video programmers, such as by requiring programmers to file such certifications with the FCC.
  • Whether programming suppliers or video programmers should be required to file compliance certifications with the FCC concerning the provision of closed captioning.  As a reminder, the FCC’s current rules allow video programming distributors (VPDs) to rely upon such certifications from programming suppliers, but do not require programming suppliers to provide such certifications.
  • If video programmers are required to file closed captioning certifications with the FCC, whether VPDs should be required to alert programmers to this requirement when arranging to carry the programmer’s programming.

Comments on these topics are due 20 days after publication of the FNPRM in the Federal Register, and reply comments are due 30 days after publication.