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Adrian Perry

Clients in a variety of industries engage Adrian Perry in matters relating to the licensing, acquisition, development, sale, use, and commercial exploitation of intellectual property, technology and data. Mr. Perry has particular expertise advising clients with respect to content licensing and distribution issues, including through digital and mobile platforms, and advising clients in sports, entertainment and media with respect to their technology transactions. A musician who has toured internationally, Mr. Perry brings to his legal practice significant experience in the entertainment and media industries. He has licensed his music for film and television, worked as an A&R consultant for a major record label for several years, and has experience in television production, spending two years working for a late night network comedy show. In addition to stand-alone intellectual property and technology transactions, Mr. Perry has advised clients on the intellectual property, privacy and technology aspects of private equity, M&A, joint venture, financing, and other corporate transactions. Mr. Perry is also a certified information privacy professional (CIPP/US).

State lawmakers across the country continue to pursue new legislation to regulate the use of artificial intelligence (“AI”), and especially the creation and distribution of AI-generated content (sometimes referred to as “deepfakes,” “synthetic content,” or “fabricated media”).  On March 21, 2024, Tennessee’s governor signed the Ensuring Likeness, Voice, and Image Security Act (“ELVIS Act”) (HB 2091), marking a new push by state lawmakers to protect the commercial interests of artists and musicians from AI-generated impersonations.Continue Reading Tennessee Enacts Legislation to Protect Musicians from AI-Generated Voice Impersonations