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Joshua Gray

Joshua Gray is a commercial, privacy and technology lawyer focusing on digital health, technology and data-driven transactions and regulation.

Over the last year we have seen increasing interest from our global client base in investing in strategic, transformational technology transactions with European counterparties.  These transactions often facilitate access to key technologies, geographies and, of course, data.  In this note we set out 6 key points to keep in mind when planning, negotiating and executing these types of transactions across Europe.

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NHSX recently published “A Buyer’s Checklist for AI in Health and Care” (Guidance) that sets out 10 key questions which will be of use to parties deploying AI solutions or conducting data driven projects (in a health and care setting or otherwise).  For example, the Guidance highlights:

  • key data-related considerations, such

As a sign of increasing localised investment in IoT networks, in recent days both the Scottish Government and Australia’s City of the Gold Coast have announced IoT networks using low power technology solutions.  The Scottish Government’s plan is part of a wider initiative to promote IoT services across the Scottish economy whereas the Gold Coast City Council’s approached is more focused on the immediate delivery of public services.  The contrasting approaches highlight the wide potential for IoT deployments whether as major platforms of technology and telecommunications projects or as localised responses to improving defined problems.  As both projects show, the successful delivery of an IoT network project requires an end-to-end view of potential legal issues that may arise, e.g., vendor/RFP management, network rollout agreements, spectrum licensing, security, interoperability and privacy.

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